Our Team

D4 Advanced Media is a creative design group specializing in creating web, graphic and print media solutions for trend setting businesses. Our purpose; help you fully utilize the power of the Web.

John Dunlap

Founder and Design Director

John Dunlap Reno, NevadaWith more than 15 years of web development and Internet business development experience, John leads D4 as design director and chief business strategist. John oversees the development of web based technologies at D4. His unique experience in developing and branding web-based technologies can be seen across hundreds of companies in nearly every industry. John’s attention to detail and interest in seeing businesses succeed has led D4 to become one of the regions leading web development companies. D4 now actively managing and overseeing the web development, eCommerce, social media and optimization efforts for over 300 businesses.

John received a degree in International Business and Marketing from the University of Nevada. He belongs to the American Advertising Federation, Advertising Association of Northern Nevada, and Ad2Reno. John resides in Reno with his wife and three children.

Merritt Lentz

Graphic/Web Designer

Merritt LentzMerritt is a classically trained media artist and brings several years of graphic and web design experience to D4. His knowledge of interactive multimedia bridges the gap between still image design, motion graphics, and website design. Merritt’s experience with Social Media outlets in a business environment has been a key component to the development of effective social media strategy and implementation for D4′s clientele.

Merritt looks to develop progressive and captivating design materials using his extensive experience with a wide range of design programs including the Adobe Creative Suite. As an artist, Merritt draws heavily upon his creative instincts to produce work that is as unique as it is effective. His broad knowledge of color theory, attention to detail and usability testing make Merritt a key component to D4′s branding development process.

Merritt received a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Sociology from the University of Montana in 2009.

Grayson A.C. Laramore

Graphic/Web Designer, Animator

Grayson Laramore Reno, NevadaGrayson originally studied the art of Animation, he brings a unique point of view to our web design. Utilizing his talents with a traditional art background of advertising, print media, animation and training in computer technologies, he gives us a strong knowledge base for D4.

Focusing on interactivity, usability, and clean graphical user interface (GUI) that is aesthetically pleasing. His know-how on implementing and designing for Content Management Systems (CMS) and accessible websites.

Grayson has a Bachelor’s of Science in Media Arts & Animation from the Art Institute of Las Vegas in 2009 and has won awards in Graphic Arts.

Laura Levin

Public Relation & Communications Specialist

Laura Levin Reno, NV

Laura brings her extensive public relations and social media development experience to D4. She adds several years of journalistic writing, magazine writing, copy writing and editing, content development, as well as managing the social media efforts for several national business entities.

Her critical eye makes sure that all aspects of a design process and execution are strong, cohesive and on point.

Laura graduated with a B.A. in Journalism from the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno with an emphasis in advertising and a minor in photography.

Mark Garro

Web Programmer

Mark contributes extensive programing and coding experience to D4 specializing in the development and programing of web based applications. His ability to conceptualize the backend development of a website and utilization of the most up-to-date web-based development technologies, allows him to create robust web based application solutions.

Mark also has experience in brand building, marketing research including focus group coordination, media strategy and creative development supervision.

Mark Garro received an A.B. degree in Computer Science from Harvard University in 2008.


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