Integrating Your E-Commerce System with Your Inventory Management System

Do you remember your first order on your e-commerce website? You jump for joy at the fact that your customer found you, liked your product and bought it! Then, you had another order, and another. Now, you are in business! Product is flying out the door and you are making a healthy profit. Soon, you discovered the need to track inventory. But how do you get your e-commerce website and... [Give Me More!]

D4 Trendspotter: 2017 Logo Trends

How do you design a logo to be timeless and trendy? It is important to keep an eye on what the trends are while maintaining focus on the brand, company culture and strengths you are trying to depict. Our logo designers always have their finger on the pulse of what the trends are, but they do not let that detract from your company and your goals. It takes a balance... [Give Me More!]

The Importance of Logo Design & Development

You logo is the visual adaptation of your company. It sets the stage for everything you customer is about to experience. Modern, vintage, colorful, bold, graphic, all of the elements of your logo convey a feeling to your current and potential customers. It is one of the most important elements of your brand, so make sure you work with a company who understands branding and can help illustrate your brand... [Give Me More!]

Responsive Design Impacts Search Ranking

First, let us explain what “responsive design” is. Responsive design is when a website adapts or “responds” to different screen sizes, including mobile devices. This is when you look up a website on your phone and you see a paired down version of it, with a simple mobile menu (picture the 3 horizontal lines), images stacked on top of each other, etc. This is best practice when it comes to... [Give Me More!]

How To Understand & Use Google Analytics

What do all of those numbers mean? How can I use analytics to make smart decisions? How can I track specific goals I have for my website? Analytics can be confusing if you aren’t sure how to read them, what you are looking for or how to track what you want. Here at D4 our experts help you configure, read and analyze your data so that you can make more... [Give Me More!]
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Looking for WordPress Experts?

Looking for WordPress Experts? Look no further! We get numerous inquiries about WordPress. Everything from can you build a custom website using WordPress’ CMS to can we migrate a current website to WordPress. WordPress has become the most widely used website platform in the world and most people who have any experience with websites have used it. At D4, we have been developing our custom websites on the WordPress platform for over... [Give Me More!]

Why Your Website Needs To Work On Mobile Devices

Does your website work well on mobile devices? Test it, visit your website on your phone and see how it looks, responds and how easy it is to navigate. Your website should appear on your phone as an easy to use version of your website on a desktop. Your menu should become a button that allows people to click on it to view options, your images should stack on top... [Give Me More!]
iphone, tablet, and laptop displaying the responsive website design for St. Nick Orthodox School
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What is Content Marketing?

First, let’s talk about the marketing funnel. The marketing funnel considers awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation, purchase and loyalty. Traditionally speaking, awareness of your product or service would be driven through billboards, TV ads, and other methods of traditional media. Something has to spark a consumer’s interest for them to consider your product or service, this is where they start circling down the marketing funnel. The interested consumer may consider stopping into your place of business... [Give Me More!]

How to Increase Your Rank on Google

We all want our website to be in the top 3 rankings on Google when someone searches for certain words. But how do you get it there? First, I’d like to explain that what Google is ranking are the pages on your website, not your website as a whole. There are a lot of factors in play that affect if Google sees it as a relevant source. We have come up with 5 major factors that... [Give Me More!]
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Creating Your Own DIY Website?

Don’t worry, we aren’t here to tell you off! We understand that there is a time and a place for a DIY website using Weebly, Wix, or Squarespace. We also understand that for simple websites, many tech savvy marketers can put together a good looking informational website. But we also understand, that you aren’t a developer or an SEO expert, so what should you do when you need some custom... [Give Me More!]

Where Do You Rank On Google?

Have you ever “Googled” your company or services? If not, or if you haven’t in awhile, try it! Try thinking about what your customers would type in that search bar if they were looking for a company like yours. For example, maybe you have a BBQ restaurant, are you showing up in the top 3-4 results when you type in words like “BBQ restaurant Reno” or “best brisket in Reno”?... [Give Me More!]
marketing budget plan 2017

Tips on Planning Your 2017 Marketing Budget

Now that 2017 is here (yay!) hopefully you have thought about how you will be spending your 2017 marketing budget.  A solid budget will help you understand your goals for the year, make sure you don’t overspend, and track what had the best return on your investment. Here are our 3 tips on getting the most out of your budget this year.   #1: Organize Your Budget Into Categories All... [Give Me More!]

D4’s Top 10 Stories of 2016

2016 is coming to a close and 2017 is almost upon us. It has been a year of change on many fronts, a new president of the United States, new members of the D4 team, new frontiers of Search Engine Optimization, and many, many new websites launched by D4. We have also shared a lot of stories on our blog this year and thought it would be good to look... [Give Me More!]
marketing top 10 stories of 2016

What To Consider Before Choosing A Web Company

Do you need a website or a website redesign and you aren’t sure where to go? How can you tell if a website or marketing company is a good fit for you? We understand it can be difficult to choose who to partner with for your project. Your website is the living, breathing manifestation of your brand and your business and you want to be sure you are partnering with a... [Give Me More!]
reno startup marketing

New Reno Companies- We Are Here To Help

Are you starting a new business in Reno? Wondering what to do first, how to target the Reno market, who to speak to and who to partner with? There are so many things to consider when you are just starting out. Trying to collect your thoughts and get started can seem impossible, but we are here to help! When starting a new business, you’ll need to figure out your core... [Give Me More!]

Is E-Commerce Right For Your Retail Store?

Have you ever thought of taking your retail business online? Amazon makes billions. They list products online, they sell them, ship them and make money. Simple right? The beckon of online sales always seems so easy, effective and profitable, but have you thought it through? Not all retail is created equally. Each business has to evaluate their own goals, audience and offering to decide whether or not an e-commerce store is... [Give Me More!]

SEO- What Does It All Mean?

Anyone who has owned a business or been in a senior marketing role has had those calls… Hello, I’d like to talk to your about SEO. We will put you company on a bajillion directories and guarantee you will be on the first page of google! Just listing your company on directories, unfortunately, is not a real solution (but wouldn’t it be nice if things were that easy?). If you... [Give Me More!]

D4 Trendspotter: Personalization In Your Marketing

In the ever changing world we live in, we make sure we constantly have our finger on the digital marketing pulse. The latest trend we have seen? Personalization. How many of us are sick of bulk emails, junk mail, calls, texts, and chat pop-ups? We have been so inundated with mass marketing that we have become numb to it, and in some cases it even puts us off a brand, product... [Give Me More!]

Holiday Promotions- Graphics & Landing Pages

Smells of turkey and pine trees, decorative lights gleaming on houses, rosy cheeks and smiling faces, the holiday season is upon us! Are you taking advantage of the season with a special promotion, holiday card or event? D4 can help! Professionally designed flyers, brochures, cards and landing pages can help your campaign achieve success. E-commerce sale? We have a landing page for that. Holiday special on your services? We have... [Give Me More!]
UX Design

Your Website’s Goal: Exceptional User Experience

Have you ever looked up a company or a service, clicked on their website, and found it hard to get the content you want? For example, the other day I was looking for a company that sells sliding doors. I wanted to find a) what companies are local, b) what styles people offered, and c) what the price ranges are. I searched “sliding door reno” and found a lot of... [Give Me More!]

Search Engine Optimization & Why You Should Care

What does everyone do when they are in need of a product or service and don’t know where to turn? They google it. Have you ever googled a product or service you offer and found that you don’t show up on the first page of results? If you aren’t showing up on the first page, you are missing out on customers! Competition to be on the first page of results... [Give Me More!]
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Get Training From Professionals To Help You Effectively Manage Your Website

Has it been awhile since you have logged into your website and made changes? Maybe you have some new people managing your website who never received a full training session? Or maybe you would just like a refresher, or have some questions about editing your website? D4 offers full training sessions for all of the popular Content Management Systems(CMS’s), including: WordPress X-Cart WooCommerce Drupal CMS Made Simple Joomla Call or... [Give Me More!]