Moment Skis Website Launch

We’ve worked with Moment for years and we’re proud to announce the launch of this years new website! D4 performed a custom integration and build-out on the Shopify “Liquid” platform. Cutting edge design and ecommerce to match with their cutting edge skis. (Oh yea, we also made our own D4 skis this year!)

Moment Skis Homepage Screenshot

Web Design and a Little Extra from D4

Most web design companies can build you a decent enough website. It’ll look okay and may even include responsive design and a few other features to keep you happy but how is it drawing clients? Are you sure it’s reaching your target? You probably won’t get many answers from a typical web design company.

Business Posibilities

Luckily for you D4 is not your typical web design company. We provide services that go beyond just making your site look good. We’re like a box of Cracker Jacks. Great on its own but also includes the prize at the bottom.

Our other services add extra value to your already powerful site. Other web design companies can build a site but may not help your rankings on leading search engines. We code with search engine optimization in mind because what’s the point of having a website if no one sees it? With D4, your site will get a jump start on its way to the top of Google.

We do our research too. We want to make sure our SEO strategies and web design work appeals to the right audiences.  We perform market research before we break ground on your new site to ensure the people seeing your site are also the people who are going to buy your products.

If that isn’t enough we also offer consulting services to improve your overall strategy and help build your brand online. We’ll keep you one step ahead on the web and help you get the most out of your new website.

We offer these services because we want to see your company succeed online. Our goal isn’t just to build you a “nice” website. We want to equip you and your company with tools that will create a strong and healthy web presence that you can leverage for awareness and sales.

If you’re looking for a web design company that can deliver you a complete web package then you’re in the right place. Contact us today to find out how we can help you build an online presence.

The Vote for Nevada’s Fourth Medallion

D4 was recently tasked with creating a way for Nevada to vote for a medallion for its one hundred and fiftieth anniversary. We used a third party survey provider to form the base of our survey. We then took the medallion images and resized them to a web friendly format. We made sure all the styling was perfect because this was going to be seen by thousands of people.

NV150 4th Medallion vote

Check out and stay tuned for the announcement for the winning Medallion!

15 Silly WordPress User errors

Through superior flexibility and excellent quality, WordPress has become more than just a blogging tool. It is an indispensable content publishing platform used by small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike.

If you’re running your site on WordPress the following WordPress user errors from this infographic can keep you from making silly mistakes.


Contact D4 today if you would like to integrate a content management system like WordPress into your website.

Infographic courtesy of Copyblogger.

Marketing to Specific AudiencesSuffix-Skateboarding-Screenshot

Marketing to Specific Audiences

There are a number of choices a designer makes when developing a website. Every decision influences the image of the company and communicates a specific message to their potential clients. This is one reason why at D4 we pride ourselves on our ability to target an audience. We take the time to understand what details must be included in your website design to best reach your clients and communicate in engaging ways.

For example, when designing the Suffix Skateboarding website we used large colorful images, minimal text and an abstract design to engage with young audiences. This target market connects much better with video and imagery than straight text. Non-traditional layouts tend to be more popular which is why we incorporated these design techniques into the website. The use of hover effects is also more widely accepted with younger generations and were used here to breathe life into the website.

Designing for older audiences is a different story. Whereas the young prefer trendy designs, older audiences prefer websites to have a more traditional layout like the one we developed for the Nevada Public Employees’ Retirement System website. Younger audiences like minimal text, older audiences don’t have a problem with long, imageless text-segments.  Older audiences aren’t as web intuitive and so buttons need to be more obvious. The inclusion of a home button is almost a necessity. We also made sure all images were crisp and that the font was comfortable on the eyes.

For websites with content directed towards children there are specific rules to follow as well. Bright colors tend to be more impactful and the designer needs to build a digital space for the children to explore. Where adults will get the concept of a website and navigating pages, children need to feel like they are present in an environment. Sites for children will look more like an interactive storybook than a traditional website with moving characters and heavy imagery.

By keeping the target in mind while developing websites, we make sure that they are as engaging as possible. If you are looking for help developing a marketing strategy or connecting with your target audience, contact D4 today!

D4 announces new Client- La Tierra

D4 is happy to introduce our new client La Tierra at Miramonte! La Tierra is a housing community built by local home builders, Ryder Homes,in North-East Sparks, Nevada. The housing provides modern amenities alongside gorgeous views of the city.

As the houses go up and the community is built, we will be improving the Search Engine Optimization for La Tierra so more people can find their dream homes! We are excited to see how a revamp of the SEO can bring more people to this wonderful slice of Nevada.

For more information about their homes, check out the La Tierra website.


How to Send Us Your Content

Suffix-Skateboarding-Screenshot   Jerry-Carter---Screenshot

As the client, you play a very important role in the development process. You know your business inside and out and it is this experience that will make your part in the design so valuable. During the design phase and into the building stages of designing the website, your designers will begin asking you for content. This includes text, imagery and/or video that accurately reflects your business.  In our experience, the biggest hold up during the design process is not the design but the time it takes clients to gather content. The sooner you prepare material, the sooner we can complete your website. Below are some guidelines for sending us the content needed to build out your site.

Content or Text

The best way to deliver written content to D4 is in a digital format such as Microsoft Word sent through email or delivered by hand on a USB drive. It makes it easier for us to pull the content from the file and place it where it needs to go on your website. If you have any print documents that need to be converted to a digital format we may also be able to do that for you.


Images can be a little bit trickier to send to us as they tend to be much larger than text. For this reason we recommend putting them in a .ZIP file and either sending them through an online service or dropping them off by hand on an USB drive. If the image is something like a graphic or cartoon image it would be best to send it to us in either a .PNG or vector format as they maintain quality better.  If the image is a .JPG make sure it is as large as possible, as smaller images tend to blur or pixelate when they are made bigger. For print images we ask that they be at least 300dpi (dots per image). Anything less will lose quality when added to a printed medium. Never put images in a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document. The quality will be diminished and it takes a long time to pull the image from the files costing us valuable time we could spend improving your site.


Your logo is potentially one of the most important images you will send us because it is imperative to your branding. As such, we want to make sure it is high quality and free from pixilation. The best way to send your logo is either as a .PNG or in vector format to ensure the best quality for your logo. If sent in a .JPG we will have to spend time cleaning up the image to display on the website.


We encourage our clients to upload their videos on a service like YouTube or Vimeo. It allows for easy embed on the website and for greater reach through the two web services. If you’re having trouble uploading your videos we can help if you bring them to us on a USB drive.

If at any point you are struggling with the above items, we can help you with this. We have trained writers on staff who can help with your content if need be and work with you to find or create imagery at an extra cost. We are also available for logo and branding design. For help with any portion of your business website design, contact D4 Advanced Media today.

D4 Launches Heritage Collectibles Knives

D4 is proud to announce the launch of the Heritage Collectibles Knives website. We designed the website and integrated an e-commerce system so Heritage Collectibles can sell some of collectible knives in the world to their clients.

Heritage collectibles specializes in top-of-the-line knives and firearms crafted by artists like Andre Thorburn, Chris Stell, David Yellowhorse, and William Henry.  Their knives are sure to please any knife collector as well as someone looking for a knife to carry with them day to day.

Visit the website to learn more about these beautiful knives.heritage-collectibles-knives-screenshot

D4 Launches The Law Offices of Jerry Carter

D4 recently launched the website for the law offices of Jerry Carter. We designed a gorgeous, eye-catching site and integrated it with WordPress for easy content management.

Jerry Carter is an experienced practitioner of Nevada business law in the Reno area. He has been practicing law for over 21 years and is well versed in the Nevadan law landscape. His office is in Reno, Nevada and provides tailored and personal care to small businesses in northern Nevada.

For more information visit his website.Jerry-Carter---Screenshot

D4 Launches Lera Tiberini

D4 recently launched the Lera Tiberini website. We designed a logo for Lera Tiberini which we then applied to their branding collateral design when we created their business cards and letterheads. From there we designed a clean, cutting-edge website design to fit their motto, “Making the complex simple.” The new website design gives users a chance to get familiar with Lera Tiberini before ever stepping foot in the office.

Lera Tiberini is a Law Firm led by Gina L. Lera and Kelly Fernald Tiberini based in Sacramento, California. They practice estate planning law and other related services. Their goal is to offer “Big Firm” talent alongside quality personal service to their clients.

For more information about their services visit the Lera Tiberini website.

Print Collateral for Lera Tiberini



D4 Launches Susan Christopher

D4 is happy to announce the launch of Susan Christopher’s new e-commerce website. We designed her website to give the feeling of visiting one of her galleries and also kept it optimal by allowing users to view her work on any sized device.

Susan Christopher works out of both L.A. and Reno drawing inspiration from any surrounding she finds herself in. Her abstract art is rich with color and texture and tell a story to the viewer.  We hope this new site will help more people get lost in her wonderful art.

For more information, visit Susan Christopher’s website.


If you’re interested in getting your own artist website, contact D4 for more information.

Judge Chuck Weller

D4 Advanced Media is excited to announce that we have added  Judge Chuck Weller as our most recent client. Chuck Weller is a District Court Judge in the Family Division of the Second Judicial District Court, Department 11. He was first elected in 2004 and re-elected in 2010.

Now, as he prepares to run again in 2014, we have been delegated the task of revamping the Judge Chuck Weller website and improving its search engine optimization. We cannot wait to see the results!

Logo redesign and vectorization

Logos are a big part of a brand and image for a company, which is often more important than the product they create or service they provide.

Occasionally a company will come to us with a logo that was created long ago and, as time passed, the original logo files were lost or were never ‘future-proofed.’ Meaning that as the business grows, they are working with a quality of image that does not demonstrate the quality of company that they have become. When they want a website redesign or some print collateral, such as business cards, that old logo is not able to be used.

There are many technical aspects to why a logo file can not considered high quality, in brief it comes down to size and file type. File type is easy to identify, that’s the extension after the file name (i.e. “companylogo.jpg”). File types such as .jpg, .gif, .bmp – are raster images, meaning they are compressed into a single layer and and saved by recording pixels. Because they are flattened and limited data, they lose quality quickly when they are stretched.


File types like .ai, .eps and.pdf(in some cases) – are vector graphics. They are calculated with colors and mathematical algorithms which allow the graphic to be scaled larger without reducing quality. These are the ideal format for print or any use as they can be scaled and adjusted with the appropriate software.

As standard we create a package of common raster and vector formats that allows your company to work with several different printers and marketing companies with formats that they can use. If you are looking for a new design to brand your company, we can work with you to create a fresh logo design to help you stand out from the crowd. Or if love the logo you already have, we can help vectorize it or turn it into a vector format.

Contact D4 Advanced Media for an estimate. Our rates are competitive and we work with all budgets, large and small.

Search Engine Optimization for Local Mud Mask Company

The Black Rock Mud Company is a local, northern Nevada company that supplies a healing type of mud dug from the Earth at their family-owned hot springs in the Black Rock Desert. To initiate an SEO campaign for Black Rock Mud, D4 integrated a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress. We did a bit to touch up their design and simplify the structure of the HTML to make it friendly to viewers and search engines alike. Then we worked with Black Rock Mud to identify critical information such as market identity and their client base and target markets.

Prior to this website redesign, we integrated an e-commerce system to give them the ability to sell their product directly from the site.

For more information, check out the Black Rock Mud website and buy some Mud!

Blackrock Mud - Website Blackrock Mud – Website

Cleaning Service Website

D4 recently launched a new maid service website for All Cleaned Up. D4 first created a new logo which would be used throughout their branding collateral. We then created a clean and easy way showcase the All Cleaned Up cleaning services including crime scene cleanup and landscaping. The site has a built in Content Management System that allows All Cleaned Up to add/edit/remove pages, images and text on the custom website with ease.

For more information, check out the All Cleaned Up website.

Website Design - All Cleaned Up

How to Start Your Own Online Business

e-commerceMany people are eager to start their own online business, but are unsure how to begin. We’ve helped hundreds of clients start new online business ventures, here is some advice to those newbies looking to get their feet wet!

Test the Waters
One of the most important elements of setting up an online business is finding out if there is a market for your idea. The Internet makes this kind of market research easy. Do some research to find out what people are searching for, if anyone else is selling similar products and who is buying it. The best way to get started is to put up a simple website and see how it goes. Informational websites are relatively inexpensive, can be easy to update with photos and descriptions of your work and can net sales though PayPal. This type of site is an excellent way to share your product or service and, more specifically, to gauge interest.

Get a Website

For a truly custom website design, expert help is necessary. As you do not have a brick and mortar store, the website is considered your storefront. This means that the visual design and ease of use for the customer is very important. People will buy from you if they trust the site and can find what they are looking for. Your site should make it as easy as possible for users to navigate the site and to get in touch with you. An experienced web design company can help make buying your product an experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search results from companies like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The higher on the page and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from search engine users. The biggest challenge of a new online business is getting noticed and converting browsers into buyers.  If you correctly optimize your website, you’ll reach potential buyers who are actively seeking out your products. A correctly designed website can help increase your search engine ranking.

Integrate E-commerce

Once you have a feel for whether there is a market for you product, you will want to upgrade your site to one that can process credit cards security. In order to effectively distribute, market and sell goods or services online you will need certain features only found on e-commerce sites. These features may include a shopping cart, ability to process credit cards, online product catalog, automated inventory system, databases and email marketing program.  An e-commerce storefront creates an easier means for your customers to purchase your products.


Many people do not think about what happens after their online business takes off. An important part of a successful business is growth, but what happens when the demand for your product grows larger than the space available to you? Eventually the logistical demands will start to become overwhelming or inventory will take up too much physical space and you will need to outsource. A third party distribution company rents out storage space and will handle small businesses’ online order fulfillment and packaging and shipping duties. Your web design company may be able to point in the right direction when it comes to third party logistics.

Now that you have an idea about how to start your own online business, the next step is to find the right web design company to help you test the market, design your site, implement a search engine optimization campaign and integrate an e-commerce system.

Contact D4 Advanced Media today for a free consultation.

Law Firm Website Design & Marketing

Are you doing enough to make your law practice stand out on the web? D4 can create a custom law firm website to help increase your online presence and build your practice.

Your law firm website is the most important marketing asset your law firm has and should be a unique reflection of your company. D4 can provide a state of the art law firm website design, legal website content and effective search engine strategies to fit your needs.

We have created some of the best web designs for law firms and have helped many lawyers with Internet marketing and search engine optimization campaigns. Contact D4 today if you are looking for an effective law firm web design or attorney internet marketing campaign.

Website Design - Mitchell Chadwick Law

Artist Portfolio Website Launch

D4 recently launched a new artist website for Cathee St Clair. D4 created a creative design to showcase the artist’s work. The site has a built in Content Management System and a custom portfolio that allows Cathee to add each of her new art pieces to the website with ease.

For more information, check out the Cathee St Clair website.

Website Design - Cathee St Clair