Just Launched: NevadaWolverines.com!

He are proud to announce the official launch of NevadaWolverines.com! The Nevada C.C. Wolverines Basketball program is a non-profit organization, founded in 2010 by The Children’s Cabinet, Inc. to help children in the development of social, athletic and academic skills. When presented with the opportunity, we look to contribute our web design skills towards the development of a Nonprofit organization such as this. The Nevada Wolverines site was designed with a heavy emphasis on the team colors, logo, and other branding elements to give it a bold, unified look and feel. The site also has a number of unique editable features such as the “Recent Games” widget, which can be updated with ease through the content management system.

To learn more about the Nevada C.C. Wolverines, check out NevadaWolverines.com!

About John

John leads D4 as design director and chief business strategist. John oversees the development of web based technologies at D4. His unique experience in developing and branding web-based technologies can be seen across hundreds of companies in nearly every industry.
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