New Launch:

We recently launched! Christine Duckworth, president of Intrac, creates learning procedures for top-brand clients, such as Wells Fargo & Huntington National Bank. She’s responsible for creating clear understanding of new procedural implementation across these large companies massive employee base. She needed a website that echoed her professionalism and to have content that demonstrates her clarity. We created web portfolio page to show her impressive clientele, and we created a services page that shows a complicated subject, like that of the science behind adult learning, and presented it in a simple form. On the homepage, we made a clear breakdown of her profession with a rotating image slider.

Please allow us to present to you,

About John

John leads D4 as design director and chief business strategist. John oversees the development of web based technologies at D4. His unique experience in developing and branding web-based technologies can be seen across hundreds of companies in nearly every industry.
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