Hinge Hanger – Website Design

D4 designed and developed (entirely in-house) the branding strategy, logo design, product development, product design, product photography, website design and development, e-commerce integration, social media, print collateral, tradeshow booth design and product packaging design. The collateral was refined using focus groups and feedback from industry experts.

Their ecommerce website features a responsive design that uses a modern and minimalist flat design to portray the simple elegance of their products. We developed the website to look great in any size – be it desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. More and more, we’re seeing responsive design becoming less of an enhancement and more of a staple for any website design. This is due to increasing number of people using their smart phones to browse the web. This is an especially important consideration for ecommerce as online stores with difficult-to-use interfaces often struggle with sales as their customers leave to find a better system.

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