D4 Special Project: Capture Footage of Solar Eclipse from 10,000 ft.

Recently, D4 Advanced Media partnered with Vertical Explorers to launch a weather balloon into the upper atmosphere to obtain footage of the August 21st solar eclipse. The balloon took off carrying ten on-board GoPros and tracking/transmission devices. Lifting off from Garden Valley Idaho at 10:47am MDT, the intrepid capsule climbed into the sky, gathering amazing birds-eye footage along the way. At 11:11am (our wish was granted), the capsule caught the... [Give Me More!]

What You Need to Know About the D4 Design Process

Whether your business is seeking professional help with a website redesign or a completely new design concept, D4 is here to help. We will work with you from the very beginning to deliver results that lead to optimal performance. We aim to give our clients the ideal business experience. How do we do this, exactly? The D4 Process has been perfected after over 15 years of digital marketing, web development,... [Give Me More!]

Launch Day – Solar Explorer in Real-Time Tracking the Eclipse

Launch day is here! Track our GoPro capsule as it flies to 100,000ft to capture the eclipse. Here is today’s schedule: Launch – 10:47am MDT Eclipse first contact – 11:11am MDT Full eclipse – 11:26a – 11:28am MDT Eclipse last contact – 12:50am MDT Recovery ~1p MDT after 90mins of flight time. Estimated flight path:   Direct Link: APRS Tracker 2 APRS Tracker 2: Direct Link: SPOT Tracker

D4 to Launch Research Capsule into Upper Atmosphere to Record Solar Eclipse

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AUGUST 18, 2017 D4 Advanced Media Announces Partnership with Vertical Explorers to Launch Research Capsule into Upper Atmosphere to Record Solar Eclipse Reno, Nevada – D4 Advanced Media today announced a partnership with Vertical Explorers to sponsor and provide cameras for the deployment of HAB3 – Solar Explorer, a high altitude balloon capsule that will be deployed on August 21, 2017 in Garden Valley, Idaho. It’s mission... [Give Me More!]

Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Website

Your domain name is the first thing people notice when visiting your website. It might seem like a small detail in comparison to all other aspects of your website, but it just as important. A domain name plays a crucial role in your company by: Providing a first impression. Your website URL should be memorable and create a positive impression among your audience. We know to never judge a book... [Give Me More!]

SEM vs. SEO, What’s the Difference?

In the digital marketing and design realm the terms SEO and SEM are used frequently within the office, with our clients, and are the driving forces behind successful campaigns, but what do they mean? SEM and SEO are similar, but they reach campaign goals in different ways. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of getting traffic from users that is “organic,” “natural,” “free,” or “editorial.” SEO Google, Bing,... [Give Me More!]

Why You Should Have An SSL Certificate Installed On Your Website

Have you been hearing from your website company or technical support that you need to purchase and install an SSL certificate for your website? What does this mean? Why do you need one? Would somebody just please explain what this means in plain English?? Yes… Yes we can. First, let’s talk about what an SSL certificate is. Have you ever seen that little padlock in your browser’s address bar next... [Give Me More!]

Logo Design- What’s All The Fuss About?

Whether you are starting a new business or thinking of rebranding, your logo will speak volumes about you and your company. Once you have a brand strategy, our graphic designers have a clear direction to create the perfect logo for you. Knowing your goals, audience, and brand strategy will tell our graphic designers what colors, what fonts, and design direction to use. Here are some examples of why and when you might... [Give Me More!]

Web Design- More Than Just A Pretty Face

There are plenty of web designers in Reno who can  make you a pretty website, but can they make you a website that works? A pretty website is not always an effective website, it takes a team to marry pretty and effective. Our expert graphic designers will craft a beautiful piece of art that will showcase your brand, and our strategists and content writers will ensure that you are getting... [Give Me More!]
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web design reno

Web Design – What’s Best Practice?

Whether you have experience in design or none at all, you may have an eye for what is considered a ‘good design’ without even realizing it. A good design is typically when you can say “yes” to these three questions: Is it easy to read? Do I get the message that’s being conveyed? Is it creative? Web design is functional art. D4 Web Design creates beautiful, intriguing website designs that... [Give Me More!]

We’re Hiring! A Digital Marketing Intern Position Is Now Open!

We are looking for an intelligent and driven Digital Marketing Intern with a passion for all things digital. This position requires an individual adept at multi-tasking. You will gain hands on experience, assisting in many different marketing disciplines ranging from content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, branding, website design & editing, and graphic design. We are looking for a committed and professional individual who can work efficiently, independently... [Give Me More!]

Reno Web Design You Can Trust

With over 10 years of experience in web design, D4 has become one of the leading and most trusted web design companies in Reno. Here at D4, we truly see our relationship with our clients as a long-term partnership. Our process reflects a collaborative approach, to ensure that we understand your goals completely and you see a return on your investment. As a small local Reno business ourselves, we understand what... [Give Me More!]

Your Website: The Centerpiece of Your Marketing

Your website is the single most important piece in your marketing strategy. Before doing business with you, no matter what type of business you have, people are searching for and looking at your website. The expert web designers at D4 know this and do not take it lightly. We truly aim to put your best foot forward through intelligent, strategic website design. User experience or “UX” design is a term... [Give Me More!]

D4 Trendspotter: The Latest in SEO

The SEO experts at D4 constantly have their finger on the ever-changing SEO pulse. Search Engine Optimization has really become a staple in any marketing plan in this day and age. It involves adding content to your website, managing your social channels, analyzing data and optimizing for the best key word saturation and usage. We manage these elements and more for many of our clients, constantly increasing their website traffic... [Give Me More!]

Website Design For Restaurants

Designing a website for a restaurant requires a very particular set of design skills. You need to capture the essence of the restaurant, make the menu easy to find and read, and most importantly, make people hungry! Let’s use a website we have recently launched for a local restaurant, Butcher’s Kitchen Char-B-Que. Imagery is so important when setting a tone and making those mouths water. Big, bright imagery makes all... [Give Me More!]
char b que responsive website displayed on laptop

Integrating Your E-Commerce System with Your Inventory Management System

Do you remember your first order on your e-commerce website? You jump for joy at the fact that your customer found you, liked your product and bought it! Then, you had another order, and another. Now, you are in business! Product is flying out the door and you are making a healthy profit. Soon, you discovered the need to track inventory. But how do you get your e-commerce website and... [Give Me More!]

D4 Trendspotter: 2017 Logo Trends

How do you design a logo to be timeless and trendy? It is important to keep an eye on what the trends are while maintaining focus on the brand, company culture and strengths you are trying to depict. Our logo designers always have their finger on the pulse of what the trends are, but they do not let that detract from your company and your goals. It takes a balance... [Give Me More!]

The Importance of Logo Design & Development

You logo is the visual adaptation of your company. It sets the stage for everything you customer is about to experience. Modern, vintage, colorful, bold, graphic, all of the elements of your logo convey a feeling to your current and potential customers. It is one of the most important elements of your brand, so make sure you work with a company who understands branding and can help illustrate your brand... [Give Me More!]

Responsive Design Impacts Search Ranking

First, let us explain what “responsive design” is. Responsive design is when a website adapts or “responds” to different screen sizes, including mobile devices. This is when you look up a website on your phone and you see a paired down version of it, with a simple mobile menu (picture the 3 horizontal lines), images stacked on top of each other, etc. This is best practice when it comes to... [Give Me More!]

How To Understand & Use Google Analytics

What do all of those numbers mean? How can I use analytics to make smart decisions? How can I track specific goals I have for my website? Analytics can be confusing if you aren’t sure how to read them, what you are looking for or how to track what you want. Here at D4 our experts help you configure, read and analyze your data so that you can make more... [Give Me More!]

Looking for WordPress Experts?

Looking for WordPress Experts? Look no further! We get numerous inquiries about WordPress. Everything from can you build a custom website using WordPress’ CMS to can we migrate a current website to WordPress. WordPress has become the most widely used website platform in the world and most people who have any experience with websites have used it. At D4, we have been developing our custom websites on the WordPress platform for over... [Give Me More!]
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iphone, tablet, and laptop displaying the responsive website design for St. Nick Orthodox School

Why Your Website Needs To Work On Mobile Devices

Does your website work well on mobile devices? Test it, visit your website on your phone and see how it looks, responds and how easy it is to navigate. Your website should appear on your phone as an easy to use version of your website on a desktop. Your menu should become a button that allows people to click on it to view options, your images should stack on top... [Give Me More!]

What is Content Marketing?

First, let’s talk about the marketing funnel. The marketing funnel considers awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation, purchase and loyalty. Traditionally speaking, awareness of your product or service would be driven through billboards, TV ads, and other methods of traditional media. Something has to spark a consumer’s interest for them to consider your product or service, this is where they start circling down the marketing funnel. The interested consumer may consider stopping into your place of business... [Give Me More!]
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How to Increase Your Rank on Google

We all want our website to be in the top 3 rankings on Google when someone searches for certain words. But how do you get it there? First, I’d like to explain that what Google is ranking are the pages on your website, not your website as a whole. There are a lot of factors in play that affect if Google sees it as a relevant source. We have come up with 5 major factors that... [Give Me More!]